Covid-19 - BCN Urbaness Hotels Bonavista en Barcelona


Health and Safety Plan | BCN Urbaness Hotels Bonavista

Our hotels make every effort to protect the health of all our guests, as well as that of our team members.

Our priority is to ensure your health and well-being, and to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. We therefore request and appreciate your efforts to help us maintain a clean and healthy environment in our hotels.

The whole team at BCN Urbaness Hotels would like to thank you for choosing us for your stay and for helping us to protect our customers and employees.

We have implemented the following initiatives to help keep our facilities SAFE:


  • Guests will be provided with sanitiser gel strategically located in the communal areas of the hotel.
  • We are subject to public health regulations and masks must be worn in all communal areas of our hotels.


  • All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after departure.
  • Our laundry certifies that our linen is treated with disinfectant products at temperatures of more than 60ºC. The relevant certificates can be made available to customers who wish to view this information.
  • We do not clean rooms while guests are in them.


  • Staff are trained in COVID-19 measures so that they can carry out their activities while ensuring their own safety and that of our guests.
  • All staff members wear PPE equipment provided by the company.
  • The health of our staff is monitored on a daily basis in accordance with the established protocol.


  • Sanitiser gel is available in communal areas.